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Festival 2022

Nine Muses Festival was back on International Women's Day, 2022! A celebration of women in the creative industries. 

We were joined by people all over the globe for a day of inspiration and community building. You can see all the videos from our sessions below! 

Welcome from Elizabeth Nieto, Global Head of Equity & Impact 

Elizabeth welcomed everyone to the festival, and told us more about the history and background of Nine Muses. 

Listening is Everything with Mia Nygren, MD for LATAM, at Spotify

A career spanning two decades - Mia Nygren shared her lessons and experience, both on a professional and personal level. What listening to music means has changed throughout this time and so has improvements towards gender equality.

Introducing the CfemO with Nina Åkestam Wikner, Head of Strategy at NORD DDB

When Nina Åkestam Wikner started working in the advertising industry, she quickly realized that it had major problems with gender equality and diversity. Since then, she has worked with opinion formation and research to try to change that. She has come to the conclusion that the solution lies in the fact that we all need to become CFemO: Chief Feminist Officers. Regardless of gender & position in the workplace, we can use tools from the gender equality movement to create better and more creative workplaces for ourselves and others.

Creating Impact - What’s Next for Women in the Creative Industries? with: 

  • Louise Xin - Fashion Designer

  • Rebecca Rubin - Architect SAR/MSA, Head of Social Sustainability, Sveafastigheter

  • Lisa Sundberg - Private Sector Partnerships Consultant, UN Women

  • Susanne Fuglsang - CEO/Innovation Catalyst, Innovation Pioneers

A unique composition of change-makers from architecture to fashion design, met for a panel discussion. The result was a fascinating discussion on gender equality, on using your platform for creating impact and to never stop learning.

Performance by Nachla Libre and Stina Hellberg Agback

The audience were brought to tears after hearing  a bespoke spoken word performance by Nachla Libre with the harpist Stina Hellberg Agback - specially created for Nine Muses Festival! 

Navigating with Certainty, with with Joanne Payne, Chief People Officer, Clear Channel 

Imposter syndrome, we have heard it before but Joanne Payne took a new approach on how to deal with imposter syndrome. With humour she shared her message “Reframe don’t shame Recognise don’t justify. Reflect don’t dismiss. Rethink don’t adjust”

Step Into Your Light, with Deborah Ababio, Global Entertainment Director, Conde Naste

A journey of challenging yourself, seizing opportunities and staying true to your authentic self while leading with kindness. Deborah Ababio moved the audience with her story of how she created her own path. She reminded us all that ‘delayed doesn’t mean denied’ and to trust the timing in your life.

Closing with Katarina Berg, Chief HR Officer at Spotify

Katarina, the founding visionary for Nine Muses Festival closed the day, reminding us all why coming together and supporting each other is so important. 

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