Epidemic Sound has joined the Nine Muses Festival movement and are our brand new sponsor for the 2020 event. We welcomed them by having a chat with Oscar Höglund, CEO and Co-founder of Epidemic Sound to find out more about their stance on gender equality within the media and creative industries.

Epidemic Sound has a music catalog of over 30,000 tracks, available for storytellers to tell their stories - how does the subject of gender equality affect your product?

The diversity of our music catalog is directly linked to the success of our business. To be able to have a diverse catalog and community of musicians, we need the people who work with our musicians to be diverse. It’s incredibly important to us.

Tell us about an example of an impactful initiative for the advancement of gender equality that has impressed you.

Spotify and SoundGirls’ EQL Directory for women and the work they’ve done together in founding a creative network for female audio professionals; the scale and accessibility of the community they’re building is impressive and it’s starting to move the needle in the right direction here.

What are the things that you think media companies and businesses can do to make a difference?

The first thing we can all do is recognise that there’s work to be done both in terms of changing how we act and how we think collectively. There’s no quick fix here. To truly make a difference you have to put diversity at the centre of everything you do. Set goals around it and be relentless about achieving them to ensure you do your part as a business.

What are you most looking forward to about the Nine Muses Festival 2020?

This is our first year as a sponsor of the Nine Muses Festival, so I can honestly say everything.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Having the world focused on such an important issue for the day is a brilliant way to ensure we continue to raise awareness of the issue. For me, I see it as a time to check in with myself and my family to see where we’re at and how we can contribute to help re-address the balance in society.

When have you felt the most inspired and empowered within your career?

Now. We’re over 400 people at Epidemic in nine different offices across the world and we’re still growing. Every day I get the chance to engage with people from all different walks of life so the most inspired and empowered I’ve ever been is right now.

If you could give anyone looking to move in media and the creative arts 3 tips to advance their career, what would they be?

I just have one tip to pass on here: find yourself a professional champion. Someone who’ll back you up at every turn and help set yourself up for success. Someone who enables you to get your endorphins going so you can be the best you can be and move forward in your career.