In 2019 we founded the Nine Muses Festival. You can read more on how it came about here.

Now let’s dive a little deeper into why we founded the Nine Muses Festival.Women, and those who identify as women or non-binary, are underrepresented within media across Europe (and outside) in terms of share of appearance and voice. In addition, they’re still often portrayed in stereotypical ways - objectified and as less capable. There are multiple reports and studies showing this, and also that women, and those who identify as women or non-binary, are underrepresented within employment in this sector - especially within senior decision-making roles or the production of media content.

The presumption is that if women were more equally represented in the media workplaces, especially in roles where they’re directing or creating content, it’s more likely that the content would be a closer representation of the world we live in.

European gender equality issues are on European government's agendas, and progress has been made in recent years, however, governmental policies can not dictate the type of change we need to see to advance the whole industry and offer equality. This is just too complex of a subject for policy alone to address. Instead, policy, awareness-raising and opportunity for networking, mentorship and coaching need to work together.   

Therefore, the Nine Muses Festival focuses on raising awareness and creating opportunity for networking and community building. Essentially, the end game is to:

  1. Create more opportunities for women, those who identify as women or non-binary, in senior and leadership positions within the media industry
  1. Balance the representation of women, those who identify as women or non-binary, in creative content production roles across the entire sector

We believe that the way we can have the most impact in achieving the above is to create a community and a movement with the annual event as a catalyst.

The event will have a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, with a focus on allyship support systems such as mentorship and coaching. It will inspire with keynotes and discussion from role models, reduce gendered modesty by building confidence and create connections to lay the foundations of a permanent network.

The community following the Nine Muses Festival 2020 event on International Women’s Day will be an online community, creating a digital platform for women, those who identity as women and non-binary media and creative professionals and students to exchange views, discussion and support of each other. The community will be managed by advocates, supported by the organisations investing in this.

Efforts to create a movement are centered around engagement with the Nine Muses partner organisations, with the vision that the number of media and creative organisations that get involved and support this cause will grow and become more meaningful as we build Nine Muses Festival brand is to host a web of events across the globe that can create local movements all working towards the same objectives. If  you represent an organisation operating in this space and would like to discuss a partnership, please contact

To be part of our community, come along  to the event - get your ticket now at our BUY TICKETS page. Students can enter the promotional code ‘STUDENT’ at  check out to get a free ticket (whilst stocks last).