At our inaugural event in 2019 we saw and heard from an array of influential women who talked about their personal experiences. Each of them referencing a mentor, a sponsor or supporter who gave them a chance, who encouraged them and who built up their confidence.

The importance of building a community and network could not be more obvious, and we know that professionals in the early stages of their career and students benefit most from a helping hand to start building their network. Sometimes, it’s hard to take that first step and to get your foot in the door – we’d love to help!

Therefore, for The Nine Muses Festival 2020, we’ve committed to a couple of additional things that we feel can specifically help students:

  • 75% of tickets are available free to students - just use the code ‘STUDENT' at the buy tickets page.
  • The Nine Muses Festival co founders have partnered with several educational institutes within Sweden (see which ones on our Partners page) to offer four lucky students studying at one of these institutes a placement on one of our Industry Intro Programs. Read more here.

Also worth checking out our exclusive deal with Generator Hostel. If you are travelling in from outside of Stockholm, we’ve partnered with the Generator Hostel (a short walk from the event location) for a 30% discount on the already very affordable accommodation. Just go to and use promo code GENMUSES9 at the beginning of the booking process (when you are entering your dates).