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The Nine Muses Festival was founded in 2019 by Spotify, Kinnevik, MTG and Discovery.  The event was also supported by Polar Music Prize, The Moth and Google. It's a one-day event held every year on International Women's Day.

Read more on the founding story here.

In September 2022 we launched a new concept called Nine Muses Collective  - a way for our community to gather and network throughout the year.  

A celebration of women in the creative industries

Women in the creative industries have a direct and lasting impact on culture and society. The Nine Muses Festival and Nine Muses Collective creates an inspirational exchange for these women. Filled with inspirational speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities our events are ideal if you want to learn, share and build community with other women within the creative industries in a safe and empowering space.


The nine muses

In Greek mythology, the Nine Muses are the inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts. In ancient cultures, they were considered the source of all knowledge embodied in poetry, lyrics songs, and myths. The Muses were responsible for the development of culture and creativity. 

Today, more than ever, women in creative industries inspire and influence the world in which we live. What better way to inspire the next generation than to bring them to the forefront and celebrate them as today’s Muses!

The flash behind the idea, the lyrics behind the melody, the view behind the picture...women have, throughout time, inspired and influenced the world in which we live.  

Our Vision

The Nine Muses Festival is a collaborative event between the major (and smaller) players in the media and creative arts industries. In the spirit of advancing women from early career stages to senior leaders, we are creating an event that will be an inspirational exchange in the creative industries, with a clear focus on community and empowerment. Our objective is to give our audience tools and tactics to overcome challenges they may face during their careers. 

We’ll rely on storytelling and creating connections, giving a platform for experience exchange.

Those who identify as women and allies are all welcome!


Listen to the songs that inspire women in the creative industry

Listening is everything! Discover the Nine Muses Festival 2022 playlist at Spotify. Featuring some songs and poems written, produced, and performed by women creators from around the world.

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