Nine Muses Festival

- A celebration of women in the creative arts -

Women in the creative arts have a direct and lasting impact on culture and society. The Nine Muses Festival is an annual one day event creating an inspirational exchange for these women. Filled with inspirational speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities the festival is ideal if you want to learn, share and build community with other women within the creative arts in a safe and empowering space.

The Nine Muses

Throughout history, some of the world's greatest talents often refer to muses as their inspiration, therefore the muses themselves should be celebrated as the driving force behind some of the most important and culturally effective movements within creative arts.  It’s no coincidence the muses are generally women. The flash behind the idea, the lyrics behind the melody, the view behind the picture...women have, throughout time, inspired and influenced the world in which we live.  Come together to celebrate each other as today’s muses!