During our live stream event we received a question for Per Emanuelsson, MD of Soundtrap, following his podcast masterclass. Check out his answer below!

What are your top recommendations for things to consider in the planning stage prior to launching a new podcast

Set a clear and compelling title of your podcast. Do you have a title of your podcast that makes people understand what the podcast is all about? 

Be unique. To get people to listen to your podcast you need to offer the listeners something unique. There are millions of podcasts out there. Why should someone listen to yours?

Preparation, preparation, preparation. Even if you don't notice as a listener, most of the big podcasters have scripted their podcast. And do research and have your facts checked. 

Guests. Invite interesting people for an interview in your podcast, established podcasters/artists can help you spread the word about your podcast.

Keep it short and snappy. A high tempo is more engaging than long and boring.

Imagery. Create a really nice picture for your podcast.

Sound quality. Your podcast need to sound great. Make sure that you invest in good microphones. 

Rehearsal. Practice and record your podcast several times. You might only have one opportunity to make your listener a subscriber to your podcast. 

Jingle. Create a unique jingle for your podcast and be ready to live with it for some time.

Marketing & PR. You can upload your podcast to Spotify, but of course people need to find it. How will you tell the world? Plan your social media posts and other ways to get people's attention.